United States Naval Academy pays tribute to veterans with this inspirational video YouTube Screenshot

The creator of some of the United States Naval Academy’s most epic spirit videos, including the recent “Naptown Funk,” has helped craft a Veterans Day tribute that honors generations of vets.

Rylan Tuohy and the Naval Academy present a new video, where service members who joined the Navy and Marine Corps from 1933 to 2009 talked about their feelings when they joined the military, and about the effect their service had on their lives. They also spoke of why they served, and what it has meant to them. There are five people featured in the video: Lt. Gen John Sattler, Marine Corps; Capt. John Slaughter, Navy; Lt. Arnold Taylor, Navy; Chief Robert Hock, Navy; and Midshipman Anna Wade, Navy.

Unlike other videos that Tuohy is known for, this one is notable for its simplicity. There is no dancing; no pranks or remakes of pop hits. There is just soft music playing in the background, and veterans talking about their service. And it closes with a simple message: to all those who serve, thank you.

Cassy Fiano is a conservative blogger and contributor to Rare. See more of her work at Victory Girls.
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