“I Can Get Through This Bullsh*t”: 95-Year-Old Veteran Recovers From Coronavirus

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Panic is everywhere as more and more states are extending and enforcing stricter “stay-at-home” policies. The coronavirus has truly exposed so much about our government and our people. Terms such as “COVID-19” and “pandemic” make people a little weary inside, and no one wants to read any more negative headlines about the coronavirus. Yet while all we see are numbers of infected ones or death rates, how about an underdog story for a change? I promise this one is worth reading.

Oregon veteran Bill Kelly is a survivor of the coronavirus. Yes, an elderly man is a SURVIVOR of this pandemic. This 95-year-old veteran has not only survived the Great Depression and World War II, but can now add coronavirus pandemic to his list of accolades. There is nothing more hardcore and badass than that.

The Oregonian was starting to feel sick on March 15 with a low-grade fever. With other medical conditions such as kidney disease, high blood pressure, and a congenital heart condition, Bill Kelly was considered high-risk and hospitalized overnight. After testing positive for the coronavirus, Kelly isolated himself in a bedroom where he lives with his granddaughter, Rose Ayers-Etherington, her husband, their two kids, and her mother. So how did he recover with his age AND not affect his loved ones who he lived with?

Rose Ayers-Etherington’s husband, Isaac Etherington is a medical evacuation pilot who came in contact with patients possibly exposed to the coronavirus. Assuming that’s how the World War II veteran became infected, Isaac Etherington actually tested negative for COVID-19. However, the family worked as a team to make sure no one else was affected. The first week after her grandfather’s diagnosis, Isaac Etherington stated that Kelly was “treated like a leper.” After quarantining himself to his bedroom, Kelly would wear a mask if he needed to come out. Every single thing he touched was disinfected and the family made sure to wash their hands all the time.

Nevertheless, Grandpa Bill recovered and the family remains to be just fine. Not only is this great news, but a reminder to us all how important social distancing truly is if we want to defeat these tough times as a nation. Take it from the legend who was described as “hardcore” and “tough as nails” by his own granddaughter: “I survived the foxholes of Guam, I can get through this Coronavirus bullshit.”

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