“What are you doing to serve anybody?”: How one former Marine inspired this national media personality to serve Rare/Rumble Screenshot

Meet Clark Howard.

Howard, of, talked to Rare about being a captain in the Georgia State Defense Force. Clark, who is a radio and television personality and consumer expert, discussed how his life and career changed after 9/11.

“After the September 11th terrorist attacks, my normal format on radio got thrown out the window for about 6 weeks. We were in the midst of the horrific event that occurred with this brutal terrorist attack that visited our country, and I come from a family with a military tradition.”

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“I was talking on the air day after day about how we need to be prepared to serve, if it suits your life to enlist, to go take the fight, then I wanted you to do that.”

Howard went on to talk about former Marine who inspired him after asking him, “What are you doing to serve anybody?”

That’s when Howard knew he had to do something big.

“I then found out about the state guards system and that I was not too old for it. I was 46 at the time of the September 11th terrorist attacks, and they would take me.”

Howard continued to discuss his duties in the state guard, his training and his experience over the past 15 years.

“Wherever the need is, we go,” Howard said.

He went on to discuss his appreciation for veterans.

“Veterans are so special, because especially in the modern era, we weren’t told we were going to serve. We were asked, and people said yes. I am so grateful to anybody who has that sense of patriotic duty and call to service, that they would put on the uniform and know that they are putting their lines on the line. ”

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Howard mentioned how he comes from a military background, noting that his father and two uncles served in the military and that one of his brothers fought in Vietnam; his other brother was in the Kentucky Air National Guard. He also touched on how he is the grandson of four immigrants to the U.S.

“I know how great this country is and what a special privilege it is for me to live in this land. Part of that privilege also calls for service, and that’s why I’m so grateful for the brave men and women who serve this county in uniform, as well as my own family members.”

Melissa Gotleib is a content editor at Rare.
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