U.S. Navy veteran Rebecca Landis Hayes was out doing some grocery shopping Monday in North Carolina. It would have been a routine day, except for one thing. When Hayes returned to her car, she found a note on it.

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The note read, “This parking spot is for veterans, lady. Learn to read & have some respect.”

Facebook/Rebecca Landis Hayes
Facebook/Rebecca Hayes

Hayes, who served for 8 years, had parked in a spot marked only for veterans because she actually is a veteran. But the person who wrote the note assumed she wasn’t, presumably because she’s a woman.

Hayes took a picture of the note and posted it to Facebook with a message for the person who left the note.

She asked the person who left the note: “I served, did you?”

Hayes told WBTV she didn’t notice the note at first, but as she was driving, she spotted it under her windshield wiper.

“At first, I thought someone had left a note because they hit my car or something like that,” Hayes said.

She pulled over and read the note and began to cry.

Her husband is an Army veteran, and Hayes says he’s parked in that spot before and never got a second glance.

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Hayes believes the person left the note because she’s a woman and didn’t fit the “stereotype” of a veteran in her outfit.

“Veterans come in all shapes, sizes, genders and colors,” Hayes said.

What this Navy veteran found on her windshield left her in tears — wait til you see what she did next Facebook/Rebecca Landis Hayes
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