Would-be robber didn’t count on this veteran’s will to keep his wallet KSEE

It was just like any other day for Victor Bejarano. What started out as a casual day of running errands at his local auto parts store took a serious turn in the parking lot.

The Fresno, Calif. veteran was attacked by a woman demanding his wallet as he walked toward the store. Bejarano had recently lost his wallet and went through a 6-month process of replacing all of his cards. So, he was highly motivated to prevent this would-be robber from succeeding.

The confrontation, which was caught on camera, quickly moved from the lot to the store. Amazingly, no one intervened to stop the struggle. The 73-year-old managed to get the woman off of him when someone announced that police had been called.

Bejarano said he didn’t even have any cash, just a debit card in his wallet. He told KSEE-TV if the woman was down on her luck, he would have given her some money, had she simply asked.

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