Hank Williams Jr.’s Wife Died During Cosmetic Surgery 

She died after complications from elective cosmetic surgery, according to her autopsy results.

Hank Williams Jr.’s wife died after complications from elective cosmetic surgery, according to her autopsy results, USA Today reports.

Mary Jane Thomas, who was 58 years old at the time of her accidental death, reportedly underwent for liposuction and breast implant removal. The autopsy of Hank Williams Jr.’s wife apparently showed that one of her lungs collapsed during surgery.

She left a hospital in Florida on March 21 but because unresponsive and died in an emergency room the following day, according to USA Today.

Hank Williams Jr. Remembers Mary Jane Thomas

After his wife died, Hank Williams Jr. posted a lengthy tribute to her on his Instagram account.

“On July 4th, 1984 I met a beautiful young lady in a Hawaiian Tropic bikini at a huge outdoor concert in Washington, D.C.,” he recalled. “She was 20 years old and drop-dead gorgeous! That’s the day my world changed forever.

“So the girl from Daytona Beach, Florida went with me to the snow covered mountains of Montana and she fell in love with it,” Hank Williams Jr.’s post continued. “She could hit an elk at 400 yards, sitting on the side of a cold mountain. … Then go from that to dressing up for one of our many award shows. It’s like they couldn’t get enough photos of the stunning beauty, Mary Jane.”

Hank Williams Jr. went on: “She hunted Africa, where we slept on cots out in the open, listening to the lions and the hippos and the hyenas. Several trips to Alaska, huge Kodiak bears, moose, etc. Fishing in South America. So many happy times were spent at the Montana Ranch and house. She could and did DO IT ALL!”

In conclusion, he wrote: “38 wonderful years she gave me. Her kind spirit and beautiful and endearing love carries on in the hearts of our son, Sam, grandsons Beau and Tennyson, and granddaughter Audrey Jane.”

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