This country duo went incognito to give unsuspecting fans the ride of their lives

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Country music fans from around the world embark on a trek to Nashville every year to join a pilgrimage of sorts to the annual CMA Music Fest festivities. And each year, fans are treated to once-in-a-lifetime moments and experiences with all of their favorite stars.

But sometimes, they end up getting the shock of their lives

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That’s what happened recently to a group of unsuspecting music fans, who thought they were just taking a Lyft to the next event on their CMA Fest schedule. Instead, they encountered some interesting characters sharing a ride with them — namely hit-making duo Dan + Shay.

“Out of the whole car here, who is the biggest Dan + Shay fan?” the driver asks the oblivious passengers.

“I saw them at a concert once,” one passenger chimes in. “It was a great show. They were wonderful.”

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But never could they have imagined they were actually sharing the ride with Dan + Shay themselves, what with with the duo’s Dan Smyers donning a fake handlebar mustache and adopting a heavy accent. “Oh my God…wait….what?” one female passenger exclaims, taking her shades off to be sure she is seeing what she thinks she is seeing.

Soon, the duo reveals themselves, and the whole friendly group gets more friendly as they head to the local Cracker Barrel to partake in some of their good ole country cooking right there in the restaurant’s iconic rocking chairs.

It was a joyride to remember, that’s for sure.

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