A country singer’s new song just put a mean high school teacher in her place

Rachael Black

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Most people had at least one teacher in high school they just couldn’t stand, and some folks have a good reason for hating said teacher. It’s not very often anyone actually gets to prove that teacher wrong, like newcomer Ashley McBryde did during her recent Grand Ole Opry debut.

After performing her first song on the Opry, Ashley told a story about a teacher who once tried to kill her dreams of making music for a living. The teacher asked Ashley what she wanted to do when she grew up, and Ashley replied, “I want to move to Nashville and write songs and sing them.”

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The teacher wasn’t having it, and simply told Ashley, “That’s stupid.” Ashley continued, “She said I better have a really good backup plan.”

It looks like Ashley won’t be needing that backup plan any time soon. She wrote about that situation in her new song, “Girl Goin’ Nowhere,” which got a great response when Ashley played it on the Opry stage.

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The Grand Ole Opry debut comes just a few weeks after country superstar Eric Church brought Ashley onstage at one of his shows for a duet.

They ended up performing Ashley’s song, “Bible and a .44,” at Eric’s request. He called her a “whiskey-drinking badass” when he introduced her to the crowd at Allstate Arena in Chicago.

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