A country star quickly comes to the aid of a fallen friend


Country star Craig Morgan is a man of many hats. Of course he is a singer of country hits such as “Redneck Yacht Club,” “That’s What I Love About Sunday” and “Almost Home,” but he’s also a television host and patriotic Army veteran.

Oh, and he also might be a doctor.

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At least that’s how he was acting June 21 when he went live on his Facebook page facing quite a predicament. “Want me to stitch him?” Craig asked his loyal following as his friend sat in pain after taking a gash in the leg. The injury occurred as the group of friends was working to clear land for a new log cabin on Craig’s property at Morgan Farms in Alaska.

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“This is as real as it gets,” Craig told the Facebook Live audience as he polled them as to what he should do to best care for the wound. Craig and his friends decided to clean the wound and just try a good ole butterfly bandage on it.

It makes one wonder if the gory scene just might be featured on the eighth season of his hit television show, “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors,” which premieres June 30 at 7 pm on Outdoor Channel.

What do you think?

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