A crucial piece of Elvis’ history is at risk of disappearing forever

As the years go by, parts of Elvis’ legacy seem to fade away a bit. Yet, various restoration projects will ensure that his story will live on long into the future.

This is what makes this recent development so sad.

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In a recent article in “The Tennessean,” it sounds as if the former Nashville-based home of Elvis’ manager, Col. Tom Parker, is at risk of being torn down to make room for – wait for it – a car wash. As many country fans know, Nashville has experienced quite a building boom as of late, and this location just might be another devastating sacrifice soon.

The house served as a “home away from home” for the music legend, which Tom owned from 1953 to 1992. Col. Tom Parker died in 1997.

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“Nashville hangs its hat on the fact that it’s Music City, USA,” said Robbie Jones, a board member with Historic Nashville Inc., to “The Tennessean.” “And if we keep tearing down our music landmarks, how much longer can we claim to be Music City, USA with a straight face? Until the wrecking ball’s out there actually knocking it down, we’ll never give up.”

We hope that something can be done to save this precious piece of Elvis’ history.

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