A fan nearly took Eric Church out in this onstage mishap


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One of the coolest things about Eric Church’s concerts is seeing his fans hold their boots up in the air when he sings “These Boots,” a cut from his debut album. Sometimes those fans throw their boots onstage for Eric to sign. It’s always gone smoothly until a few weeks ago at Eric’s show in Boston when he was blinded by the lights and couldn’t see a boot coming right for him.

“I took one to the head in Boston,” Eric says.

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You can see the crowd reacting to the boot hitting Eric in the head in this YouTube video. Eric saw the guy throw the boot, but he just couldn’t see where it went because of the bright lights shining all round him.

Eric adds, “I completely lost it and didn’t know which way to go, so I hunkered a little bit and tried to cover and I moved right into it. A lot of people saw it better than I did, and it clocked me. I mean, it was so good. It knocked my sunglasses off. They went flying.”


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The guy who threw the boot is a huge Eric fan, so he was mortified that he’d actually injured his favorite singer.

Eric adds with a laugh, “It was fine. I put the sunglasses back on and shook it off. My vision was blurred for three days.”

We’re glad you’re OK, Eric.

Check out EricChurch.com to see where he’s playing next on his current Holdin’ My Own Tour.

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