A new study claims country music leads the way when it comes to lyrics involving drugs

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If someone asked you what country music sang about the most, what would you say? Love? Sure! Heartbreak? No doubt. Beer? Heck yeah! Even pick-up trucks, moonshine, tailgates, dirt roads and pretty girls in Daisy Dukes.

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And we have no problem with that.

However, recovery website Addictions is claiming that more country songs make drug references than any other format of music, including rock, rap or electronic dance. In research shared on their website, Addictions says that they reviewed song lyrics from 1.41 million songs, analyzing them for mentions of drugs and drug use. They included slang terms for various drugs and their reach included marijuana, cocaine, pills and more. And their research concluded that country songs topped their list, followed by jazz and then pop. Rap is actually the lowest on the list.

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However, the website goes on to talk about the artists who make the most drug references and there are no mentions of any country stars, but of the country songs that do make drug references, it is cannabis that lands in the lyrics most often.

Now, before you get your feathers too ruffled, Addiction is making no claim that there is an overwhelming drug problem in country music or accusing your favorite country stars of condoning drug use. They do stand by their study, though, and even explain that they “hand scrubbed” the data to ensure accuracy.

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Agree, disagree; compare Willie Nelson to Eminem — it’s up to you. We understand that music is a powerful art form that can suggest some pretty questionable behavior, but we also know that it is a vehicle for healing and love.


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