A rising country star mourns the loss of his dear momma


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Country music rising star Jackie Lee has just about everything going for him right now. He will spend his summer touring all across the country, including stops in Chicago, San Diego and Nashville. His latest single, “Getting Over You,” just surpassed 10 million streams on Spotify and is still finding its way on the charts. And if that wasn’t enough, the Tennessee native looks especially happy these days as his career continues to take hold.

But, there is a sadness behind those happy eyes. It’s the sadness of a son still learning to live without his mom.

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“I watch this video about every single day,” Jackie wrote on his Instagram page June 4 alongside a video of him and his mom shopping. “Today is one year since my momma went to heaven and I miss her emphatically. I enjoy doing everything with her and I miss getting to do everyday things with her. Even going to the mall and annoying her with a straw. Jesus takes our grief and sorrow, and I’m thankful I have a mom and dad that taught me that. I can’t wait to see you soon momma.”


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This past Mother’s Day, Jackie shared a pic of the two of them together with a sweet reminder to his fans. “Make sure you take your mom to her favorite restaurant today,” he wrote. “Buy her favorite flowers, and tell her a joke that makes her laugh really hard. Make sure you tell her over and over how much she means to you and how thankful you are that she is yours. Tell her how beautiful you think she is on the inside and out. Also kiss her and hug her so many times you start to annoy her. She deserves it. My momma gave my family a love that I don’t even know how to explain. There isn’t a minute of my day I don’t think about her. My goal in life is to make the [people] I come in contact with feel the same love and compassion she has for me. I love you momma and I can’t wait to see you soon.”


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