Alan Jackson’s surprise encounter with a pretty young girl stirs up sweet memories


When it comes to laid-back country stars, it’s hard to beat Alan Jackson. The low-key and legendary singer-songwriter isn’t seen out around Nashville much and has even cut his touring down significantly. He admits that he’s just shy and, boy, does that add to his charm.

But even the bashful country boy couldn’t resist a photo when he ran into a pretty young lady from his past.

While having dinner at Bricktops in Brentwood, Tennessee, just south of Nashville, a pretty young lady working at the restaurant approached Alan and introduced herself as Quincy English. Quincy was actually in his video for the tribute to Alan’s father, “Drive (for Daddy Gene),” when she was just 10 years old, which was 15 years ago.

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But what surprised both her and us is that Alan asked Quincy if he could get a photo of them together. She obviously was happy to oblige, but was then flattered to find that the award-winning superstar shared the photo on his Instagram page.

Of course, she shared it on her page, too, and also shared details of the thrilling moment with her followers. Alan hasn’t changed too much, but, honestly, neither has Quincy! She’s still beautiful and still has that beautiful crop of enviable curls and a warm, engaging smile. She’s just a lot taller.

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That’s Nashville for you!

Oh, and the girls that play Alan’s daughters in the “Drive” video? Those are his real life daughters — Mattie, Ali and Dani. They’re taller, too.

What do you think?

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