Blake Shelton describes a typical day with girlfriend Gwen Stefani


There were plenty of folks who were scratching their heads when Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani became an item over a year and a half ago. They seemed to be complete opposites.

But, it didn’t take long for this genuine pair of lovebirds to win over even the staunchest skeptics. From the way they look at each other, to the way one speaks about the other when they’re apart — it’s the stuff that fairy tales are made of — well, sort of.

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While we might imagine that a power couple with their level of success, fame and income may jet away for romantic weekends in Paris or tropical vacations in Aruba, this couple is actually more like all of us than we even realized. During a June 7 interview, “Today” host Hoda Kotb asked Blake about their downtime together. “Our hobby is just hanging out together, you know,” he said. “She’s my best friend.”

When Hoda expressed a sigh that most every other romantic in the world felt, Blake recoiled. “Oh no, don’t start that,” he joked. “Is that wuss? Did I say something completely wuss?”

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Yes, Blake. Yes, you did. And we love you for it.

Hoda also asked how Gwen was, specifically, how she was with Blake and he happily replied, “I hope she’s good with me. I’m real good with her. We’re just content and happy.”

How sweet is that?

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