Blake Shelton granted this little angel’s final wish

Facebook - Prayers for the Haire Family

Blake Shelton lives a life where he is constantly pulled in a hundred different directions at one time. But all it took was one listen to this little girl’s voice and one glance at her beautiful face to get his full attention.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“Brooke you are an angel,” Blake wrote in a March 15 tweet with a Facebook link to a beautiful girl singing his song “Savior’s Shadow.” “I’m honored you sang my song.. We are all keeping you in our prayers.”

Blake’s fans were touched by the performance and his sweet words. Yet, little did anyone know that this little angel had already flown to heaven, succumbing to the traumatic injuries she suffered in a 2014 car accident, which took her sister’s life.

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“Y’all, this would have meant the world to Brooke,” her family wrote on the Prayers for the Haire Family Facebook page shortly after announcing the little girl’s death. “On the morning of the surgery, she asked Cristen, ‘Did you remember to send that video to Blake Shelton?’ Well, Brooke’s video was shared by Blake Shelton’s page this afternoon. And while some may not understand the significance, it means so much knowing that so many people will watch her sing this song that she loved so much. (Not to mention, the idea that Blake may have watched it too.)”

We send our prayers to the Haire family, and each and every person who is mourning the death of sweet Brooke.

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