Blake Shelton just dropped one of his most meaningful videos of his entire career

You have never seen or heard Blake quite like this.

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In April of 2016, people started talking about Blake Shelton and one particular song that would be featured on the May 20 release of his album entitled “If I’m Honest.” People started wondering about the spiritual ballad, “Savior’s Shadow,” which took Blake to a place where he had never been before – gospel music.

He claimed that the song was a result of a dream that he had shortly after him and ex-wife Miranda Lambert had called it quits.

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“At a very dark time in my life last year I dreamed the first verse of this song,” Blake said in a statement. “I woke up and immediately wrote it down. Now, looking back, I know it was God’s way of telling me that he’s here and things are gonna be OK.”

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And while the song has already touched everyone who has heard it, now country fans will undoubtedly be touched by the black and white, understated video of the song. Released much to everyone’s surprise on May 18, the video shows Blake in a whole new way – subdued, spiritual and downright special.

It’s a sight to behold, Blake.

Keep it up.

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