Boots, bibs and binkies! We can’t get enough of these country music tots under two


We aren’t going to lie about it. We love babies. Especially our country music babies. And nothing gets us as excited as seeing a bump become a beautiful baby and a precious toddler and witnessing it all on social media.

Thanks to our country celebs, we’ve had a lot of fun watching a whole band of babies grow from infants to tots in the past couple of years, so we’ve collected a list of some of the most precious toddlers under two on social media. Now, in our defense, if you don’t see one of your favorite country stars’ offspring on this list, chances are, they have aged out of our criteria, or there aren’t a lot of baby photos on the socials, and that’s okay! Privacy, you know? But, hey, if you do know of one we missed be sure to tell us because we LOVE cute babies and there could always be a follow-up!

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Here we go, and in no particular order:

Carrie Underwood’s Isaiah

Isaiah Michael Fisher was born in March of 2015, and since his arrival, we’ve seen a new Carrie Underwood…and we love her even more than ever. Isaiah has shown signs of loving what both his mommy and his hockey playing daddy, Mike Fisher, do, so it’s TBD on what he’ll grow up to be. We just don’t want him to grow up too fast. He sure would make a great big brother, though…hint, hint.

Casey James’ daughter

Casey is pretty tight-lipped about his personal life. In fact, we don’t even know his baby girl’s name, but it doesn’t matter because when he shares a picture of that precious little rose, we all just go, “cutie patootie!” We do know that this sweet little nugget is coming up on her first birthday, and if ever a little girl could get a pink pony, it looks like Casey’s mini-me sure could. He is wrapped!

Jana Kramer’s Jolie

Jolie Rae Caussin was welcomed into the world in January 2016, and as stunning as her gorgeous mom Jana is, we aren’t surprised at the cuteness of this baby bird. Jana has done an awesome job of giving us the sweetest little glimpses as her baby girl grows up, and her smile is just as charming as her famous mom’s. As seriously cute as Jolie is, our favorite photo of the little peanut is one where she looks absolutely drunk on Cheerios.

Adam Hood’s Drue

When Adam Hood and wife Britni brought Evelyn Drury Hood into the world, our social media timeline was forever changed. The Alabama native, who wrote “Grandpa’s Farm” and has become part of the popular Texas music scene, stops us in our tracks every time he shares a picture of Drue, his own personal Gerber baby. With little rolls on her arms and cheeks for days, her two-tooth grin makes us crazy happy.

Dee Jay Silver’s Wake

When you come out of the womb as precious as Dee Jay Silver and wife Jenna Michelle’s little boy, Wake Silver Perdue, you get your own Instagram page practically from birth. Just born in September, this precious bundle of boy has us tickled with his expressive face, as well as his sassy outfits. Mama dresses him so well.

Kelly Clarkson’s Remy

Remington Alexander Blackstock joined his family in April of 2016, and when it comes to toothless smiles, he’s got one of the best! In fact, we’ve never seen a photo or video of Remy when he was anything less than effervescent. Both Remy and his big sister, River, are so precious that we wish Mom Kelly would have more, but both of her pregnancies were extremely difficult, so it’s understandable.

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Mo Pitney’s Evelyne

She’s the newest little niblet on our list, but even with being only about a week old, tiny Evelyn Faith has taken over her daddy, Mo Pitney’s, Instagram timeline. We aren’t mad about it, though. Not any bigger than a minute, Mo and wife Emily are obviously enraptured by their pink posey and why wouldn’t they be? Check out this smile!

Check out all of these artists’ social media pages for more of these cutie-patooties and check out their music, too! Baby needs a new pair of shoes (and college tuition), you know!

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