Carrie Underwood is adorably caught getting her groove on


The entire city of Nashville is lit up with excitement as the city’s NHL team, the Predators, is in the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Pittsburgh Penguins. And Carrie Underwood has traded in her status as a country music superstar to be one of the team’s most supportive and vocal fans. But, it isn’t just game day that has Carrie fired up. She started preparing for the team’s first game against the Pens days before the faceoff.

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In fact, Carrie was so excited about heading to Pittsburgh for Game 1, she even shared pictures of her packed bags patiently waiting by the door to be whisked away.

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She even took a little time to build her own “Pump Up the Preds” mix tape!

Oh, she wasn’t making that mix tape just for our enjoyment. It appears that she was listening to it during breaks in the game.

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Fortunately, Carrie wasn’t alone at the game. It looks like both family and friends, including bestie Ivey Childers, made the trip to Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh attempted to put the kibosh on a Preds fan carrying on the time-honored tradition of tossing a catfish onto the ice for luck.

Actually, one fan succeeded. While Pittsburgh didn’t much appreciate his effort, Carrie sure did.

Even though the final score didn’t tip in Nashville’s favor—the Penguins beat the Predators 5 to 3—it was only Game 1, and Carrie had some words of inspiration for her team.

Speaking of inspired, the NHL is now reporting that there is a campaign to get Mike Fisher to sing the national anthem at the next Preds game. Fans may recall that Carrie got a great video from Garth Brooks of her handsome husband singing “The River” with him, so we have proof the man can carry a tune. But Mike says he’d rather have Carrie be the household’s anthem singer.

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