Carrie Underwood reveals the one thing she does to stay calm before a show

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We’re always fascinated when it comes to the glitzy lifestyles of the rich and famous. They always seem to have everything right at their fingertips, from personal trainers to professional chefs to eglam squads!

But, there’s one job in particular that Carrie Underwood says she enjoys doing herself. And, that’s putting on her own makeup before she hits the stage.

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“It’s kind of my therapy I guess before a show,” Carrie tells Access Hollywood correspondent Scott Evans, “I’ve always loved makeup. I love doing it myself. There’s nobody that knows my face better than I do.”

That means that the 33-year-old country music superstar has to set enough time aside to put on a handful of cosmetics like mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss, concealer and blush!

But, aside from applying makeup to her naturally beautiful skin, Carrie plays mommy to her baby boy, Isaiah. The “Church Bells” singer had her tour bus baby proofed so that her toddler could join her on her massive Storyteller tour, which wrapped in November 2016.

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She said, “With having a toddler on board it can take a long time to do my makeup because I have to stop and start.”

Carrie, we think you’ve done a mighty fine job at multi-tasking!

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