Carrie Underwood’s hubby Mike Fisher reveals how God brought them together

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When Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher tied the knot in 2012, he was commuting all the way to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to play hockey for the Ottawa Senators. Carrie would fly to catch his games as often as she could, but it was a real challenge for them both. Especially since Carrie is a country music superstar with tour dates and TV appearances of her own.

It wasn’t the most ideal situation for the two of them to raise a child together with that much time apart.

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About a year into their marriage, Mike says he and Carrie got some divine intervention. The owners of the Senators decided Mike belonged in Nashville with Carrie, so they traded him to the Nashville Predators NHL team.

In a post at, Mike writes, “They could have traded me anywhere, but they were genuinely looking out for me and my family. That’s what makes hockey such a special sport, even at the NHL level. Yes, it’s a business, but the amount of good human beings I’ve run across in this sport is just incredible.”

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He adds, “I know God was looking out for me that day.”

Mike’s mom actually had a feeling about this trade a full two weeks before it happened. The Senators were having a really lousy season that year, which led Mike’s mom and dad to have this conversation about the situation.

Mike explains, “My mom and dad were talking in the kitchen one night, and like I said, we were struggling. I wasn’t having a good season, but my mom — always the voice of reason in our house — called it. ‘Well,’ she said. ‘Maybe this is the Lord’s way of having Mike traded to Nashville so he can be with Carrie.’ Unbelievable.”

Mike is now the captain of the Nashville Predators and his baby with Carrie, Isaiah, has been on hand for several NHL games. Mike hopes to continue playing long enough for Isaiah to have memories of the games.

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