Charlie Daniels lays out his thoughts on how Donald Trump got to the White House

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Charlie Daniels thinks 2017 could bring around some big changes for the U.S. Of course, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president on Jan. 20, and Charlie is laying out all of the reasons he thinks Trump was elected in a new post on his website.

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Taking shots at both Republicans and Democrats, Charlie says those on the left haven’t kept their promises to the minorities they pledged to help. He also calls out “feckless Republicans who had rather crawl under their desks than stand up to an overbearing president and a biased media.”

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Charlie goes on to say that Donald Trump is a creation of several factors, including our government’s failure to deal with illegal immigrants, as well as the Democratic party turning a blind eye toward the fly over states and rust belt during the election.

Charlie writes, “Donald Trump is the culmination of a substantial portion of the population saying, ‘enough is enough.’ Our places of employment are moving offshore taking our jobs with them, our cities are infested with violent street gangs and our children can’t even walk to school without the fear of being shot.”

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Since the nation is clearly looking for change, Charlie has high hopes that Donald Trump will rise to the occasion.

“Enough of the electorate has decided that there needs to be a change,” Charlie adds. “Not another smoke and mirrors charade, but a roll up the sleeves and actually get something done leader, someone who will stand up to the UN and the foreign leaders who openly defy us, someone who is not afraid of a hostile media, who will rebuild our military.”

So, does Charlie think Donald Trump is “the man to bring that change about?” He says, “I can only hope and pray that he is.”

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