Could this really be what Blake Shelton is getting Gwen Stefani for Valentine’s Day?

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s been over a year since “The Voice” coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani formally announced that they were a couple. And throughout the past year, especially thanks to social media, we’ve watched their relationship blossom into an incredibly happy union. But Valentine’s Day brings out a little something extra in the passionate sweethearts.

Boy, does it ever!

Love and romance were obviously high on both Gwen and Blake’s respective Valentine’s Day “To-Do” lists, and they weren’t afraid to share a little G-rated affection on Instagram.

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Gwen posted an intimate up-close-and-personal moment between the couple, and it could be the smooch heard around the world. The beautiful blonde rock star took a shot over Blake’s shoulder, as he planted a big one right on her perfect pucker. That’s serious business!

Less serious, though, is a second Instagram post that seems a little more inline with the Blake Shelton who we know and love. In a Valentine’s greeting from “The Voice” coaches for the upcoming season — Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Gwen and Blake — the country star shows his true goofy side. With a teddy bear in his arms, he declares that the cuddly gift is to show how much he cares about girlfriend Gwen.

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Or maybe he’s keeping it for himself. Things rapidly go south as the singer demonstrates the toy’s hug-ability, and it seems that the bear has an appeal for the country star that neither we nor he expected.

Of course, we’re kidding and so is Blake. The country hunk is head-over-boot-heels for gorgeous Gwen, and the snuggle is real.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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