Country duo shares details of harrowing road incident

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Videos by Rare

Traveling on the road has its shares of risks for country superstars. Yet, when following a life of music and stardom, each and every mile is important – and necessary.

In recent days, the road has caused its share of mishaps for country artists, including Chuck Wicks, who is currently recovering from a Feb. 27 car accident where he fractured his skull and cervical vertebrae.

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“Throughout the entire process I remember my neck just getting stiffer and stiffer and between the shock of everything and being soaking wet from rolling through the water-filled ditch, I couldn’t stop shaking,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “I told the paramedic I had neck and head pain and they immediately put me on the backboard/stretcher.”

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Now, yet another country act is telling a harrowing tale. Country duo Thompson Square revealed in a March 1 Facebook post how close they were to a scary accident of their own due to a blown tire.

“God was watching out for us today driving home from New Orleans,” they wrote. “We had a major blowout on the Lake Pontchartrain bridge that got us a little closer to the edge than I ever want to be again. #tooclose #angelsamongus#bfgoodrich.”

We’re glad Shawna and Keifer are safe and sound.

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