Country Star Dierks Bentley Speaks About Turning Down Hollywood And Los Angeles Life

Country Star Dierks Bentley recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss the reasons why he “turned down Hollywood” and acting roles in Los Angeles.

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Bentley told Entertainment Tonight…

“I don’t think I’d be good enough to doing those things,”

“It requires, like, more time away from home and I just, I don’t want to. I had a chance to audition for Larry David and I decided not to do it. Because again, I’m like, ‘Oh, if I get it, I don’t really want to go to L.A.,'”

Dierks Bentley

Bentley detailed to People magazine that he lived in Colorado for a time, but has no desire to return to the Western portion of the United States….

“I was living in Colorado and all I knew for sure is that I just wanted to stay there,”

“I remember the song ‘Gone’ got pitched to me and my wife [Cassidy] heard it, and she really loved it. So I cut it, but I still was at this point that I wasn’t really thinking about music at all,”

Dierks Bentley

In his Entertainment Tonight interview, Bentley expressed that he is content with living in Nashville. He can be quoted as saying…

It’s a regular neighborhood

We’ve got kids coming in and out of the house and you can just park on the street. It’s just been great for my kids, great for our family, and great for my mental health.

Coming back to Nashville, it was like I had to either lean in or move out.

So now, I just lean into it. The city’s crazy. It’s growing out of control, and I could sit here and complain about it, or I can just lean into it and embrace some of the cool things that are happening.

Dierk Bentley

Good news for fans of Dierks Bentley, it appears that he no intention of trading his guitar for a role in Hollywood. Good for him!

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