Flashback to the time this sexy Southern siren stole the show with this music video

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When Laura Bell Bundy released the music video for “Drop on By” in 2010, she had plenty of men swooning over her gorgeous looks and sweet sound. From her “Achin’ and Shakin'” album, the video features Laura Bell singing in a sudsy bathtub amid candlelight and telling her darling to just “drop on by.”

Shortly after she dropped this music video, it looks like Laura Bell found her real-life darling with television executive Thom Hinkle. They tied the knot on June 3, which made us recall the crazy — and hilarious — way they got engaged in December 2015.

With Thom, Laura Bell found “someone who is just as cray cray as I am, who makes me laugh and surprises me all the time,” she told Rare Country in an earlier interview. “He says terribly inappropriate things and I love it. I guess that was the magic formula.”

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But the biggest surprise was the proposal itself. Thom popped the question on a rowboat during a trip to New Zealand. After a heavy dinner that included lots of cheese and steaks, Thom hustled her out onto the water to catch the sunrise. “I’m kind of tipsy, really slow, pretty full and we’re sitting in this rowboat,” she recalled. “We get out into the middle of the little inlet. He’s being all sweet and sentimental and he [asks], ‘Can I come up there and sit by you?’ I said, ‘Hold on one second. I have to fart.’ That’s when he was going to ask me.”

Way to kill the moment, right? Said Laura Bell, “Hey listen. It’s not my fault. It was the New Zealand grass-fed beef and that cheese!”

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Luckily, Thom soldiered on. “We row out of it because it’s pretty sulfuric and horrible, and finally we get to a place that smells better,” she continued. “He’s saying all these really sweet things.” But just at the moment he was about to propose, their friend started calling to them from the shore, thinking they were stranded on the water, then starts rowing out to them in a kayak with life jackets in tow.

Acting quickly, Thom dropped to one knee, finished proposing and got a teary “yes” from Laura Bell, all before the kayak reached them and ruined the moment.

Afterward, she admitted, “Thom was more excited to tell people that I farted on that boat than that I said yes.”

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