Flashback to the time when everyone was in love with Dierks Bentley’s curls


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The year was 2005, and superstar Dierks Bentley, whom we know and love today, was a totally different guy.

You can see it on the cover of his album “Modern Day Drifter.” His boyish curls framed his fresh, baby face. That same album with the cutie pie from Arizona on the cover would be the one to change his life forever.

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With the ultra-sexy “Come A Little Closer” and “Settle For A Slowdown” both going to No. 1 and “Lot Of Leavin’ Left to Do” taking the No. 3 spot, the album went on to sell 1.5 million copies, which remains his biggest selling album to date. The album also pushed Dierks to opening for Kenny Chesney’s The Road and The Radio Tour, as well as headlining his own High Times and Hangovers Tour in 2006 with his buddies from Cross Canadian Ragweed opening for him.

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It wasn’t just his career that changed in 2005. In December of that year, Dierks took another big step when he married his then-girlfriend Cassidy Black. Dierks’ next album, “Black,” which is named after his wife, will drop on May 27.

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