From pensive to playful, we’re looking at the best country videos from the ’90s

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It seems that everyone is recalling a golden era of country music when lyrics were original and thoughtful, whether they were serious and dark or fun and silly. Country music from the ’90s seemed to rely a little less on buzzwords and wicky-wicky guitars and more on evoking a thought and creating a visual. And hey, if you couldn’t come up with the visual on your own, there were always those amazing music videos.

In this week’s Rare Country’s 5, host Erin Holt counts down our favorite country music videos from the ’90s — those that had us running from the kitchen into the family room as soon as we heard those opening licks. Let’s check em out!

Starting us off at No. 5 is Martina McBride’s “Independence Day.” While many think of this as Martina’s signature single, the song was not a chart-topper. In fact, it didn’t even break the Top 10, but those lyrics that told the story of a battered woman were the perfect script for a heckuva music video. Do you remember what it looked like? Erin has a clip for you!

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When it comes to great movies from the ’90s, “Pure Country” is certainly high on the list. Sure, it was great to see George Strait star in it, but it was even better to hear him sing “I Cross My Heart.” The icing on the cake is that we didn’t have to watch the entire movie to enjoy seeing him sing it. They condensed the movie into one great music video for us and it’s our No. 4 pick.

As if we couldn’t adore Faith Hill enough, when she came out with our No. 3 video, the feels were pouring out of us. “This Kiss” was just the right combination of sweet, sexy and just dang fun thanks to a catchy chorus and a bright-as-sunshine production. It was Faith in Wonderland and we couldn’t get enough.

Great guns almighty, Kenny Chesney had‘em in our No. 2 video — guns, that is. And as silly and fun as the song and the music video is for “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” it’s hard to not feel a little flustered or envious of his biceps. Hot hunk, farmer’s daughter, tractor and hay? Sounds like a bonafide country music video to us.

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Leave it to Shania Twain to push the envelope and push the video for “That Don’t Impress Me Much” to our No. 1 spot. Full of sass and swagger, the light-hearted nature of the song got some serious sex appeal at the first sight of Shania’s abs, which are as impressive as Kenny’s arms. And oh, that head-to-toe cheetah print duster, please stop. No, don’t.

That’s it for this special edition of Rare Country’s 5. Thanks to the dazzling Erin Holt for helping us navigate the best of ’90s country music videos. Did we miss your favorite? Be sure to share it in the comments so we can take another look. We love your feedback and there could be another list in the future!

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