Garth Brooks didn’t know what to do when he got this fan’s crazy request

Facebook/Kimberly Hardman

God bless country music fans. They’ll go to all kinds of effort and pains, not just to see their favorite country stars, but to show their support. Sometimes those pains are quite literal … and physical.

Take, for example, sweet Kimberly Hardman. Kimberly was one of the lucky thousands that got to see Garth Brooks in concert recently in beautiful Billings, Mont. And like a lot of really enthusiastic fans, Kimberly brought posters in the hopes that she could get the G-man’s attention. She also brought something — or someone — else important: Mom.

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In a Facebook video, we hear Garth reading Kimberly’s signs and they aren’t your typical, “I love you Garth” or “Please play ‘The Dance.’” She didn’t tout how long she had waited to see the country music superstar or how much she loved his wife, Trisha Yearwood. Kimberly was very specific with her poster. She wanted Garth to sign her shoulder … so she could get a tattoo of his autograph!

Garth, who is un-inked, has previously mentioned that he discouraged his own daughters from going under the needle. And although he seems a little apprehensive, he does oblige Kimberly’s request.

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However, he also asks her mother’s permission. Garth looks over his shoulder, back at the girl’s guardian, and says, “Mom, are you sure this is OK?” Obvi, the answer is yes, and now Kimberly is sporting brand new ink that says, “Love, Garth Brooks.”

We gotta say, it looks darn good!

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