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If you’re a music lover, then you likely have a song or two that means a lot to you. It might remind you of a time, place or person, and the memories it can evoke are palpable. You may even have a song that changed your life, or spun you around and changed the course of your life.

Most country stars have one of those songs — a tune that made their ears perk up and gave them a life-altering moment. For the up-and-coming, young Carly Pearce, it was a song that all of us are familiar with.

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“I remember where I was when I heard ‘Blue’ from LeAnn Rimes,” she says. “Her voice was captivating.”

But it wasn’t just incredible LeAnn’s voice that caught Carly’s attention. At 6 years old, the Kentucky songbird recognized that LeAnn wasn’t much older than she was and had a career in music. In her very young life, Carly was already dreaming of a career in the spotlight, and to see someone else achieve that at such a tender age was all the incentive and motivation the little girl needed.

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That popular version of “Blue” was recorded when LeAnn was 13; however, the pretty blonde originally recorded the song when she was just 11. Coincidentally, that’s the same age Carly was when she earned her first gig fronting a bluegrass band in Kentucky.

Currently, Carly just debuted her heartbreaker of a single titled “Every Little Thing.” You can check it out here. It just may be the song to change your life.

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