Hear the song that could have become a Carrie Underwood classic

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Videos by Rare

Carrie Underwood has one of the best track records for hits in country music history, so you know she knows a hit when she hears one. That’s why Jessie James Decker’s ears perked up when she heard the song “Gold.”

Jessie’s friend Alyssa Bonagura (of newly signed Sony Music Nashville duo The Sisterhood) is a writer on the song, and she emailed it over to Jessie with a note saying Carrie Underwood had been considering recording “Gold” at one point. After hearing the song, Jessie jumped at the chance to record it herself.

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Jessie says, “At that moment I was like, ‘Well, she has excellent taste.’ I fell madly in love with this song, and I held onto it for over a year.”

Ultimately, Jessie chose to title her new EP after the song because it captures exactly where she’s at in life with her career and her family.

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“If you listen to the lyrics, it just embodies the whole thing,” she says. “Everywhere that I’m at in my life is gold. That’s why it’s called ‘Gold.'”

Jessie is married to NFL star Eric Decker, who just signed a one-year deal with the Tennessee Titans. That means they’ll be spending even more time in Nashville with their adorable children, Vivianne and Eric.

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