Hearing Johnny Cash recite the Lord’s Prayer is giving us the chills

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Country music legend Johnny Cash left us in September of 2003, but before his passing, he had proclaimed his Christian faith in a multitude of beautiful ways. One of the most impactful ways he did that was when he recorded his recitation of the New Testament of the Bible.

And all these years later, those words married with his voice are still just as powerful.

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God knows that when the whole world seems to be imploding on you and you can’t quite feel your way to some sort of calm and serenity, many people head to the Bible. Specifically, many are drawn to the book of Matthew, which holds some of the most inspirational verses of the entire Bible. Take for example Chapter Six, where Matthew shares the words of the Lord’s Prayer. Somehow, listening to Johnny’s voice read this impactful prayer could easily bring anyone to a place of comfort.

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“Telling others is part of our faith all right, but the way we live it speaks louder than we can say it,” Johnny once told Christianity Today. “The gospel of Christ must always be an open door with a welcome sign for all. I don’t compromise my religion. If I’m with someone who doesn’t want to talk about it, I don’t talk about it. I don’t impose myself on anybody in any way, including religion. When you’re imposing you’re offending, I feel. Although I am evangelical, and I’ll give the message to anyone that wants to hear it, or anybody that is willing to listen. But if they let me know that they don’t want to hear it, they ain’t never going to hear it from me. If I think they don’t want to hear it, then I will not bring it up.”

But, we are so glad he did.

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