Here’s a big clue about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s future on “The Voice”

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Blake Shelton recently said he’s sticking with “The Voice” for at least another year, but what about his girlfriend Gwen Stefani’s future on the show? She’s not slated to return to “The Voice” for the next two seasons, but the show’s producer, Mark Burnett, isn’t counting out a return for Gwen.

He tells “Entertainment Tonight,” “Once you’ve got a red chair, you always have a red chair. Coaches go on tour and make albums. This is the challenge of ‘The Voice,’ is fitting into the schedule of these currently top-selling artists… [but] we love all our coaches.”

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When Mark recruited Gwen to join Blake on “The Voice” a few years ago, he never dreamed they’d begin a romance.

“You know how great that makes me feel, that two of my favorite people met at ‘The Voice’ in those red chairs?” he says. “They’re so in love, and I love them. There just a great, great couple.”

A big part of Blake and Gwen’s relationship working is their ability to keep it real despite their superstar statuses.

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Mark adds, “Gwen and Blake are exactly the same. Cameras on or cameras off, these are two sincerely loving, fun, brilliant people.”

Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus will join Blake and Adam Levine in the red chairs for “The Voice” season 13, and Kelly Clarkson has signed on to coach season 14.

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