Joey+Rory’s barn has turned into a blessing for Sunday worshippers

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Videos by Rare

There was a time when a beautiful barn held a countless number of Joey+Rory’s grandest dreams. It was in that red barn on the property of their Tennessee home where they performed for countless country music fans, until Joey’s voice was silenced during her battle with cancer.

But now, that red barn has been given a brand-new life.

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Rory Feek shared in a March 9 blog post that not only has he and his family found a church home within CrossCountry Cowboy Church, but that the church also has now found a home within their barn.

“The church needed a place to call home and we needed a church to be part of,” Rory wrote. “And so, for a month of Sundays now, our empty building has been filled with a hundred and fifty people or so. And, Indiana and I just walk across the driveway to church. I don’t claim to know what the future holds. Maybe the church will move on to a bigger barn or building in time, but for now I feel blessed to have them here and thankful to be able to bless them with a place to gather and share the good news, without having to load in and break down before and after every service.”

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Another crazy coincidence is that the music is led each week by country star Craig Campbell, who currently has a hit on his hands with his song “Outskirts of Heaven.”

“He was kind enough to let me use it to share a few clips from the service here last Sunday morning,” Rory wrote about a special video showing what the church services have been like.

And with every note and every picture, we can see how Joey would have loved this.

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