Kane Brown tells us about the emotional moment he had with Lauren Alaina


With their teams, cameras and drones swirling around, Kane Brown found himself standing on the top of a cliff alongside fellow country star and former schoolmate Lauren Alaina during the filming of the music video for his current single ‘What Ifs.” And despite the hectic nature of any video shoot, Kane says there was a moment when everything turned suddenly quiet.

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“We just stood there looking out over the ocean,” Kane told Rare Country during a recent interview. “The trees and the grass were super green and the ocean was like this gorgeous turquoise blue, and it was just like a scene out of a movie. And here I am with Lauren, someone who I went to school with and whose career is taking off at the same time as mine is – it was just a pretty crazy moment.”

And then, things also got a tad awkward.

“We didn’t know if we should hold hands or not,” Kane laughs. “I mean, we are friends so we didn’t want to get too close. I mean, each of us have [significant] others.”

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While the two are in love with other people, they both admit that the song “What Ifs” did cause them to put themselves in that very vulnerable yet romantic place.

“I think this song talks about what everyone wants to ask the people they care about but don’t have the guts to say,” Kane tells us. “And now, I can really relate to the song since I just got engaged to Kaitlyn.”

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