Kellie Pickler finally addresses when she’s going to have kids

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It’s been just over six years since talented country singer, “American Idol” beauty and “Dancing With the Stars” winner Kellie Pickler tied the knot with her songwriter, producer and hilarious husband Kyle Jacobs, so it makes sense that inevitable question is being asked a lot: “When are you going to start a family?”

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In the most recent episode of her hit reality show, “I Love Kellie Pickler,” Kellie addresses that question in the most graceful way.

She said, “I think a lot of women, including myself, get asked the question, ‘When are you going to have kids? When are you going to start having babies?’ And that’s all right, I understand, I get it. It’s not anything that someone is trying to offend me when they ask me, but it is a very personal question.” She added, “With Kyle and I, I feel like we have a very successful marriage because we keep parts of our life private. We share enough, I think, with the world, and there are some things that we just need to keep sacred to ourselves.”

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We don’t know if Kellie, who is just 30 years old, is taking any measures to freeze her eggs like her gal pal Jennifer Wayne did, but we at least know she’s capable of giving herself shots to help with the ovulation process if she does. She admitted on the Oct. 6 episode of her show that she actually likes shots. “I think it’s an adrenaline thing,” she admitted. “It gives me the biggest rush.” She even helped Jen practice the injections in her own abdomen laughing, “As long as I don’t get pregnant.”

While we would have loved for Kellie to reveal she had a little pickle in the jar, she still has plenty of time if she and Kyle decide they want a family of their own.

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