Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert get cozy during one hot duet

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Miranda Lambert and Kenny Chesney have always had quite a special relationship. And while many have speculated that their relationship just might have included a hint of love at one time or another, one thing is for sure — these two are amazing friends.

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They always seem to have each other’s backs, and they always seem to look at one another with a total trust that isn’t seen very much these days. And it was this look that they have between them that was on full display during the Aug. 20 Spread the Love Tour stop at MetLife Stadium, where the two country hitmakers came together to sing a sultry version of “You and Tequila.”

“That audience felt so honest, raw – and almost right there with us onstage,” Kenny said after the show that attracted 56,292 fans. “It was like walking into a buzz saw – in a really good way – they just cut right through us.”

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The show was also a momentous one for Kenny. The attendance figures from what was his fifth show at MetLife Stadium made him “the only country act in the Top 10 performers in the MetLife/Giants stadium’s history,” according to a press release.

“You don’t think about stuff like that when you’re up there,” he said. “You’re drinking it in, letting it wash over you. They were so loud, so there. Like I told them during the show – ‘It’s why this place is so special… why we keep coming back… year after year. Because I’ll be sitting at Thanksgiving dinner, and I’ll still hear the love in this stadium.’”

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