Kip Moore makes a stunning realization about the state of his career

Kip Moore performs at the 4th Annual ACM Party for a Cause Festival at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds on Sunday, April 3, 2016, in Las Vegas. (Photo by Eric Jamison/Invision/AP)

Kip Moore has experienced quite a revelation in 2016.

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Long known as the consummate professional (“I’ve never missed a soundcheck,”) Kip has been tough on himself when it comes to his successes as a country music superstar. He admits that he has always just been one of those people that find it hard to bask in his success for too long, because he’s always looking for his next challenge.

“I’ve never cared about money or fame or any of that shit,” Kip told Rare Country during a recent interview. “I just wanted to be good at my craft. I’m a maniac for perfection, and I’m on everybody for doing things right. I want everything to be perfect and I try to give everyone in that crowd every night every ounce of my being.”

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And, he does. And that makes him more content than ever before.

“I was able to enjoy this year the most of any other year,” Kip says. “My audience continues to grow with me just being me. I don’t feel the pressure of having a commercially successful record to have fans. Sure, I have taken the long route, but I have stayed true to myself.”

But, that hasn’t always been easy.

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“There have been times when the ACMs would call wanting me to collaborate with so and so, but those collaborations never made sense to me, so I turned them down. I’ve come to peace with things like that. I’m not trying to reach or attain a certain goal anymore. I’m not trying to be Entertainer of the Year. I’m not trying to be an arena act. I’m happy if I’m making the music I want to make with the group of people around me.”

What do you think?

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