Lauren Alaina Shared The Family Drama That Inspired Her Most Honest Song

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It has been almost a decade since Lauren Alaina released her debut album, “Wildflower.” In that time, Lauren and her family lived a lot of life. While she was facing her own battle with an eating disorder, Lauren’s mom and dad got divorced in that period of time, too. Her father went to rehab and got sober, and her mom ended up marrying one of her dad’s best friends.

If you’re getting confused, you can just check out the opening track on another of Lauren’s album, “Road Less Traveled.”

The song is called “Doin’ Fine,” and Lauren lays all that family business out in the lyrics.

She told Rare at the time:

“I wanted to share that story because I mean, the first song on the album is ‘Doin’ Fine.’ And the first two lines are ‘Daddy got sober/Mama got his best friend.’ It hits you right off the bat, and it sounds like, “What is she talking about?’ But that’s what happened. We all have crazy families. I’m crazier than anybody in my family.”

In all seriousness, Lauren is grateful for all they went through because everyone in her family is in a good place now. Her dad has been sober for three years now, and that’s allowed Lauren to have a closer relationship with him.

“We talk every single day, which is different for us. We didn’t used to talk every single day. He’s always been my dad, a great dad. I loved him, but we were not nearly as close as we are now. I think we’ve had such crazy journeys over the last few years that it’s really brought us together. We went through some of the hardest things ever together as a family. I love my dad, and I’m so proud of him. It’s so inspiring to see.”

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