Listen as a country star breaks down over the death of his father


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Many country artists turned to social media on Father’s Day (June 18), to pay tribute to their dads with sweet and loving posts. But for Chase Rice, the holiday brought along a few blue emotions, because his father Daniel passed away in 2008.

Truth is, Chase can’t help but miss his father. So, he honored him with a very touching video, which included all of the words he would say if his dad were still alive today.

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In a 2:32 minute clip, part of his bi-weekly #CR247 web series, Chase dials his dad’s cell phone number, only to get a default voicemail greeting. He then begins to leave perhaps the most tear-jerking message ever heard.

“Hey dad. It’s been a long time since I called this number, but I haven’t talked to you in a while,” Chase says with a lump in his throat, before opening up about how far he has come in his music career. “I wish you could see what we’re doing down here. The music is taking off. It’s come a long way, since I played to you and mom in the living room.

“I still play on the guitar you got me,” he continues. “It’s kind of funny, that shirt, we used to make fun of you wearing it every day. Now, I wear it every night on stage.”

Chase goes on to tell his dad about the rest of the family, which includes his mom, Connie, brothers, Chad and Casey and niece, Addie.

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“I got to play Daytona. The same track you used to take me, Chad and Casey to,” he says. “We walked around the track and got the hang of victory lane. Addie’s growing up. I wish you could meet her. She’s awesome, man. My show at the track was her first concert. She wanted to run onstage, but Mom kept holding her back and said, ‘You can’t do that.’ I’ve got a farm in Tennessee. Just like the one you raised us on. Casey just built a house just like you used to do. Chad … this fall he’s having another kid. He’s having a boy. They’re naming him Daniel.”

Chad then explains that he and the family are taking care of their mother before adding, “We miss you a lot, but like you always said, ‘You know where you’re going.’ You’ve got the best seat in the house. Miss you dad.”

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