Miley Cyrus stunned the Billboard Music Awards with an emotional performance you won’t want to miss


Miley Cyrus stepped on the Billboard Music Awards stage with a brand new look and a brand new attitude.

Or perhaps, she was just back to her old self.

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Whatever it was, the audience gathered in Las Vegas ate it up, as she performed her new single “Malibu.” “She’s not just my sister, but the singer I love to listen to the most,” explained Noah Cyrus during her introduction.

“What the hell – I thought I was?” Billy Ray Cyrus exclaimed. “Miley is always speaking the truth and being herself and we are just so proud of her.”

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“And she’s the happiest she has ever been,” added Noah. “You can hear it in her new single and she’s bring Malibu to Las Vegas. And for the first time in years with pants on!”

And with that, Miley appeared as a vision in white, sweetly singing her new single with a country swagger – and eventually ending the song no longer being able to hold back the emotion of the moment. “Thank you everyone,” she said through tears as the crowd erupted in applause. “Thank you.”

No thank you, Miley. We are glad you are back. We missed ya.

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