Miley Cyrus watches her “Hannah Montana” audition, and her reaction is priceless

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Miley Cyrus may be evolving as an artist, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t take time out to reflect on the past.

The Tennessee-born superstar, who recently dropped her new single, “Malibu,” stopped by Radio Disney on May 11.

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During her visit, the show’s hosts and producers surprised her with a trip down memory lane. They had her watch one of her “Hannah Montana” audition tapes.

Needless to say, Miley’s reaction to old footage of her pre-fame days was priceless.

The dug-up clip, from over a decade ago, shows the budding star singing a song called “Beach Weekend.” 24-year-old Miley watches on from an iPad with a look of nostalgia spread across her face. She also seems to remember all of the words to the song, as she lip-syncs along to the lyrics. She also makes note that her T-shirt says ‘I should have my own TV show.’

But, perhaps the most noteworthy part of the throwback video is when executives ask the 12-year-old Miley if she’s signed to a record label yet.

“No, but it’s going to happen,” the spunky tween replies.

“Looks like someone had an eye for talent,” someone in the studio says, while watching the old tape with Miley.

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“That is crazy.” the former Disney star chimes in. “That is a gem.”

Watch Miley’s epic reaction in the video above.

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