Miranda Lambert explains why she doesn’t own luxury items

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We love Miranda Lambert. We love her music, we love her style, we love her heart, but mostly we love her authenticity. The girl has her priorities in order, and one of her priorities is puppies over purses.

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In a hilarious fan Q&A with BuzzFeed, Miranda answers a series of questions while a trio of rescue pups crawl, chew, nibble and snooze in her lap and arms … and she looks so happy.

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But could a nice gift, maybe a high dollar bag, make her happier?

Apparently not.

Appropriately, the first question suggested by a fan is about Miranda’s own pups and the worst thing that they’ve ever chewed on. “My dogs have chewed a lot of interesting things,” she says. “The … only Louis Vuitton purse I ever owned was given to me, and it lost its handles really quickly, so I gave up on nice things. My dogs are more important than nice things, I realized.”

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We can’t say we’re too surprised by this answer, considering Miranda has multiple pups in the four-legged family she shares with boyfriend Anderson East, along with cats and horses, too. She’s also country music’s greatest advocates for adopting from animal shelters and responsible pet care. You know, “adopt, don’t shop!”

For future reference, Ran, Louis Vuitton does make a pet carrier. Best of both worlds, perhaps?

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