NASCAR fans are buzzing over these eye-popping Dale Earnhardt Jr. pics

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There is no doubt that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a new man, in more ways than one. Ever since his New Year’s Eve nuptials to his wife, he seems to be more open to showing his emotions, smiling more and learning to love… spandex?

Yes, spandex.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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It all began when Dale told fans that he was considering taking up biking, perhaps inspired by fellow driver Jimmie Johnson. Dale actually shared a pic of himself in spandex during a recent ride.

“Hardest part of cycling?” he captioned the pic of him in the tight pants. “Being brave/crazy/stupid enough [to] wear spandex. The hills [are] the 2nd hardest part. Me & our awesome pilot Jeff.”

There have also been a number of pics of Dale showing off his cycling skills and looking like he loves this new form of exercise.

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While NASCAR fans are watching to see just how long he will stick with it, Dale Jr. even got the attention of Lance Armstrong, who apparently had something to say about his choice of biking socks.

As far as we are concerned, Dale looks mighty fine — whether he’s wearing jeans, a tux or a very tight and stretchy pair of shorts.

What do you think?

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