NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. opens up about racing, marriage…and babies?


Ever since his New Year’s Eve nuptials, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has just looked different. Happier? More content? More satisfied?

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Maybe that’s just what love looks like.

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Indeed, Dale has seemed quite happy since marrying his wife Amy. Heck, just one look at her Instagram pics shows that these two are very much in love. Dale spoke about this newfound happiness during a recent NASCAR press conference. “Getting married has been incredible,” Dale said. “I wish I had figured all this out sooner. I’m frustrated with myself that I took so long to grow up. But I’ve got an amazing wife and she’s changed my life really. She’s helped me as a person become better on all fronts, personally, and all my friendships and relationships how I treat people and obviously in my professional life helped me as a driver. It’s been great. I’m just hoping to enjoy what’s left of my career, and hopefully, I get to make the decisions on that myself as far as how much longer I race. Gonna start a family and all that good stuff too and have a lot of good things to look forward to, and I’m really excited about my future.”

Wait….did he say ‘gonna start a family’?

Be still our hearts, NASCAR fans.

Of course, he also talked about the current state of the other love of his life – racing.

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“People have asked me since I turned 40 when I would retire and all I wanted to do was make that choice myself,” Dale said. “I don’t know when I’m going to stop racing, but I want to able to make that choice and not have it made for me. All that stuff really showed me how much I have going for me and how fun this really is. You can make it really difficult or you can enjoy it. This is an incredible position to be in and it’s an awesome sport, and driving the cars is fun.”

What do you think?

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