NASCAR’s Danica Patrick strikes back against the haters


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

As one of NASCAR’s few female drivers, Danica Patrick has been forced to fight a number of battles on and off the racetrack. But her latest battle might just be one of her most personal.

With her brand-new book, “Pretty Intense,” due out in December, Danica came to her fans with her excitement over the project finally being done.

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“My book is available for preorder,” she said in a June 8 Instagram post. “I have worked my ass off on it. There is 3 parts mental/physical (with 12-week workout program that I wrote and tested)/food (along with 50 recipes written and photographed by me). The more I think about it the more I think that this is just the first phase of what I hope to continue for many books to come. It’s all the things I have learned though growth in the mind and body.”

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Just a short time later, she went back to Instagram to address certain so-called fans, who seemed to question whether her cover shot was really her in an untouched state. “… because minimal retouching has been important to me with ALL the pictures, from lifestyle to fitness to food for @prettyintensebydanica … I wanted to show you the raw image from when I was deciding which one to use for the cover,” she wrote. “Many of you thought it was highly retouched and the main thing they do is even out the skin tone, mostly on the legs. I worked very hard. Anyone can be lean and muscular if they want to … but you have to put in the work and learn how to eat right. It’s all possible, believe in yourself.”

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