No one ushers in a holiday weekend quite like the patriotic Kid Rock

Darin Lokin/YouTube screenshot

Chances are that if you are like us, Fourth of July weekend crept up on you with a vengeance. It tapped us on the shoulder, reminding us that while we stress ourselves out over our jobs and money and the world around us, we all live under the same sky in what is still an amazing country.

But in case you are one of those people that would rather look at the clouds and the parts of your life you dread, take five minutes out of your life and set your sights on this performance.

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In what serves as one of Kid Rock’s most patriotic performances, the Michigan native’s performance of “Born Free” back in 2015 is the perfect reminder of just what makes this country great. From the images of military members serving our country to the farmer working out in his fields to Kid Rock performing his heart out in front of the American flag, it’s a video that is sure to help us all get our priorities back in line as we enter the most patriotic of weekends.

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And after taking some time off from the road, Kid Rock gets back on the stage serving us some more of his brand of rock and roll with stops in Ohio on July 15, Indiana on July 23 and Iowa on July 30.

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