People are losing it over this message from heaven within the clouds

Picture Courtesy of Kacie Garrett

It was just a normal day, until something extraordinary happened.

Members of a South Carolina family traveled to a local cemetery on May 30 to celebrate the birthday of a dear family member. As they came together to share memories and recollections, each family member let a balloon go into the air as a symbolic way to celebrate with their dear loved one.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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“We wanted her to know that we were celebrating her birthday right along with her,” explained Kacie Garrett in a recent interview with Rare Country. “I let my 10-year-old son let go of his balloon first. We said ‘Doodle Bug, make sure to send Grandma Doris a balloon.’”

And he did.

Other family members then began letting go of their own balloons and taking pictures of the beautiful sight. And that’s when they froze.

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“We started looking at the pictures in our phone and there was one picture where we could clearly see a picture of Grandma Doris in the clouds,” Kacie tells us. “You can see everything from her pearl necklace to her hairstyle she wore. We even see angel wings behind her. We got the cold chills. We couldn’t believe we were seeing what we were seeing.”

Family members quickly began to share their picture with a local television station, and more and more people began to share the striking image with their loved ones. “It’s definitely been a wake up call that God is real and that there are angels watching over us,” Kacie says. “This is an eye opener for many people in the world. If we can all see good things through things like this telling us that God is alive and real, the world would be a better place. It’s amazing and it’s shocking and it’s so cool how much one picture can change the rest of your life.”

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