RaeLynn reveals how faith is seeing her through the tough days


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Out on the road for her much-anticipated Rave Tour, RaeLynn admits that living life on a tour bus can have its challenges, especially when your husband is not there.

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“I bring his childhood Bible that he grew up with,” RaeLynn told Rare Country about the one thing she carries on her bus to remind her of her husband Josh, who is currently off serving in the military. “I have my own Bible – I actually have a new Bible that I got a few years ago, but there’s something about seeing his old Bible with tape keeping it together and all highlighted from when it was his – it’s just one thing I love having with me here out on the road. It always reminds me of him.”

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Faith remains at the center of RaeLynn’s life, especially as she chases her musical dreams.

“I think with any dream you have is going to have its share of ups and downs,” RaeLynn told us minutes before taking the stage in Chicago. “The only thing that helps is keeping your focus on the Lord. You can’t find your identity in what you do. Your dreams are going to let you down and people are going to let you down – and the one person that doesn’t do that is God. Every victory or every sad thing that happens, I just stay focused on Him. It really helps me and keeps me being the person that I am. No matter what level of success I have, I have God remaining at my center. It’s so important in your marriage to have that. I never believe in putting your marriage on the back burner. That’s what I believe in.”

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