RaeLynn tells us she’s always had her daddy wrapped around her finger


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

This Father’s Day, we asked RaeLynn to tell us her father’s favorite story to share from her childhood days. She didn’t hesitate at all before launching into a story about her bachelor father taking her to the Walgreens near his home.

RaeLynn tells Rare Country, “Every time I would go into Walgreens, I would always cry for a toy. So, he went to counseling to learn how to deal with children, a.k.a. me! They said to tell them, before you walk into the store, you say, ‘Listen Rae, we’re coming in here to get milk, cereal and Pop Tarts, and that’s all we’re getting. We’re not getting a toy.’ You set a precedent before you walk in.”

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The first time Rae’s dad tried that approach with her, she obeyed him and didn’t ask for anything the entire trip. It turns out RaeLynn was just biding her time until they were almost out the door.

“He said right when we’re at the counter, I pick up this little pen that has a flower on the top. I grab it, and I go, ‘It’s just little!’,” RaeLynn says with a laugh. “Just because I wanted to get something. He was like, ‘Oh, hell. Whatever. Just put it down there.’ He loves to tell that story because, he’s like, ‘You were such a smart kid. You waited the whole time, and then you were like, “‘It’s not a big toy, it’s just a little something.”‘”

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Clearly, RaeLynn still has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. That was evident when he went as her date to the ACM Awards in Las Vegas in April. These photos say it all.

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